Wow it's been awhile! Lots goin down around the shop these days. All '09/10 boards, boots, bindings and outerwear are on the shelves. This year we picked up Libtech. Come check out the Skate Banana, Soo sick. Nomis heated hoodies just arrived . The Christmas season is fast approaching so get 'em while their hot!! (no pun intented) There will be weekly updates posted on the site so STAY TUNED!



    Hope everyone had a great Christmas. Thanks to everybody that came down to check out the Boxing Day Sale.

    As our Christmas gift to you we have the first peek at the first Kazaam video. Should be coming Fall '07. Click Here to check it out.

    Its always nice to see spots in Fort Mac show up all over the place. Check out this Nate Roline footage from the Transworld site. See if you can pick it out.

    Get out and get shredding!



    Merry Christmas to you from everyone at Kazaam. Be sure to come down to the shop tomorrow for the biggest boxing day sale ever. One day only!



    Technical difficulties have kept the updates stalled as you may have noticed. We apologize and hope to get a ton of news and media your way in the next few weeks.

    Sometimes a session doesn't end up being what you think its gonna be. But the important thing is that you have fun. Check out these photos of a session from a couple weeks ago.

1  2  3  4  5

    Christmas hours have begun.

    The shop is fully stocked for all your holiday shopping needs. be sure to come down and check out all the gear.

    Brand new limited edition Kazaam T's dropping just before Christmas. Make you you put it on your list ASAP and let you Mom know to grab one.


    The new park is finally finished! Huge session there yesterday was so much fun. Go check it out if you haven't been there yet. Here's some photos of the park and the sesh.

    A big thanks to everyone who came out to the video premiere last week. We raised a bunch of money for the snowboard park at Vista Ridge so hopefully we'll see some dope new stuff out there. Check out the photos

    The shop is jammed full of all sorts of gear right now.



Clothes & Hats


Clothes & Hats

Plan B



Goggles & Clothes




Womens jackets


Hoodies & Womens shoes


Snowboards & Gloves





DVS & Lakai



Trace Helmets


Tons of T-shirts and Sweaters out right now. Come and grab some early christmas presents while the picking is good.



    Snowboard video premeire is today!Doors open at 7 and it all gets rolling at 7:30. Tickets available at the door for a measly 5 bucks. CLICK HERE to check out the poster. All proceeds go towards the Vista Ridge snowboard park.

    Tons of new snow gear in the shop. Just this week we've got the new Endeavor Boards and board bags. Including a few by Edmonton artist Nathan Matthews.

    Nikita Pants and Jackets

    Holden Pants and Jackets with more still coming in.

    New Circa Kicks!

    IS goggles

Come get your new gear!!



    Some dope new promos to show you. Click on the Title to check them out.



    Tons of new stuff in the shop right now. If you need new snowboard gear get down to the shop soon to check it out.

ThirtyTwo Boots - Men & Wmns

Celsuis Boots

Burton Boards, Boots, Bindings, Jackets, and Pants

Rome Boards and Softgoods

Technine Bindings - Mens & Wmns

Stepchild Boards

Dakine Beanies, Mitts, Gloves, and Pipe Gloves

Drop Gloves, Mitts, and Pipe Gloves

Sessions Pants and Jackets - Mens & Wmns

Nomis Clothing

Special Blend Outerwear

DC Shoes

    This years snowboard videos are coming in. Click on the video names to check out the promos



Flavour Country

State of Mind


     Got some new Kazaam decks in some new colours. Make bets with your friends on what colour they are and then come find out!



Its been a long time since the last update and that means a lot of news to report.

Bacon and Heshy were away at skatecamp at the end of August. It was a ton of fun. Check out the photos by clicking below.

     The new park has come a long way and looks like it could be done before the snow flies. Keep those fingers crossed and check THESE PHOTOS.

    Heshy sent me this DIGIVID a while ago. Its just some "B" footage but look forward to his full length "Hot Whips" video soon. We'll hopefully have a promo for that up shortly.

    I'm going to be working on some team media this next week so check back soon for some fresh video clips and photos.

    There's a ton of new snowboard stock in at the shop. I'll make up a list for next week. In the mean time come down and check out the new gear and fashions.




    Our friend Adam is leaving us and heading for Edmonton. But before he goes he wants to give away some free stuff. Come down to the shop and make any purchase and you get to guess how many Elastic Bands make up his new Elastic Band Ball.

    Lots of new RDS mens and womens in.

    Some Lakai kicks and Es' softgoods.

    Come down and check out the new Krooked video "Krooked Kronicles"

    Here's a few pics of the construction of the new park.



    The new Transworld video "A Time to Shine"

is in. Click below to check out the trailer then go buy the video. Another amazing job by those guys.

    Lots of new clothing in the shop. Come down and get your fresh new gear for the back to school season.

Emerica Fourstar
Is Design Lifetime

    As well as some new Spy clothing and glasses.

    New Nixon watches as well. Tell your Mom you want one so your not late for class anymore.



    Some new ATM decks in. Big-ups to Wheels!

    That along with all sort of other skate gear.

Toy Machine

Krux Thunder
Destructo Momentum
Flip Listen
Darkstar Shorty's

    New Spy Optics sunglasses and Soft goods.

    Some dope new WE clothing.

    If you haven't seen this yet then check it out. Danny Way is ridiculous.

    Check out Heshy's new team page. Video and Interview coming soon.

    Looks like they've finally started digging on the new Timberlea Park. Photos and updates will be coming your way as they make progress.



     Burton Snowboards have arrived! Yep I said it.  SNOWBOARDS! Early bird catches the worm come down and check out the new stock. As well as a few boxes of outerwear.

    Some rad new Lakai's and DVS shoes just came in. As well as some ES' including the Rodrigo's. One of the best shoes I've skated.

    Special Blend Hoodies and t's fresh off the press.

    Some assorted clothing and headwear from DC, RDS, and Circa.

    New photos up on Trevors team page and check out the new video on Jordan's!

    Jesse Loutitt page coming real soon!




    Cheese and Crackers is a new mini ramp video from Daewon and Haslam. Super good. Go get a copy now.

    Rock Out is a concert this weekend helping to raise money for Cancer Research. You can help support by heading down there or coming to Kazaam and buying a Rock Out t-shirt.

    A few new Lakai and DC shoes.

    New Darkstar, Pig, Enjoi, Destructo, and Krux.

    Last week we mentioned something about some team additions. Welcome Jesse Loutitt to the team!

    And check out the new video on Trevor's team page. New photos and interview coming next week.



    Back to school gear is starting to arrive!

    New Mens and womens Tee's and Hoodies from Matix and DVS.

    A whole bunch of Circa shoes.

    Zero Decks and wheels, Krux trucks, Flip Decks.

    And Lakai just sent us boxes and boxes of gear and the trailer for their new video FULLY FLARED

    And check out the KOSTON PRESS CONFERENCE. Skateboarding made the big time now!

Click to check them out.

    Possibly some team news to report next week. Go skate as much as you can. Only 54 more days until schools back in.



     Its been a while since our last update so we've got a few good things for you. First of all is tonight, thursday night, there is a meeting at 6 at the Dugout about the new skatepark. We need your support there so we can make sure that the plan goes along. Bring your friends, parents, coworkers, and everyone you can who will support the new skatepark!

    Check out Pierce in the newest video on the IS design website. Look for it in the Blog. Nice orange jacket Pierce!

    The Model and Whyte Crew were up here for our 10th anniversary and they just released this video of their time up here. Editted by Liam and Nick.

    And we've finally gotten our Go skateboarding Day videos finished.

Click Here for 1

Click Here for 2

    New Circa clothing and accesories

    New Emerica Shoes

    New Krux, Thunder, Spitfire, Gold

    New IS sunglasses

    And be sure to check out the new Lucha Libre Black Label decks. Before they elbow drop you off the rack!



       Go Skate Day is tommorow. Wednesday June 21st. We want you all to go skateboarding and take tons of photos and video. Send us in everything you can to info@kazaam.ca

All entries will have a chance to win some copies of It's Time and some other random product we can stir up.

    Our friends over at Spectrum Skatepark Creations have sent us some pictures of what the new Timberlea Skatepark is gonna look like. click here to check them out. So stoked!

    Have fun skating tomorrow and send us your stuff!


     Been a while since the last update so we have a lot for you.

    We've got some photos from our 10 year party for you to see finally. click here to check them out.

    A big thanks to everyone who came out to support and compete in the DC Nationals this weekend. Click here for the winners and some photos.

    Our homie Alex Harmer is over in Germany right now. He dropped us an email saying he's doing well and a few photos.

    In case you didn't know

GO SKATEBOARDING DAY is on June 21st. Thats next week. Our plan is to get a big crew together and go hit a few spots that will be a ton of fun. Skate some park, some street, and bomb some hills. Stay tuned for more details coming soon.

    "Its Time" DVDs are in at the shop. Free with the purchase of any Circa footwear. And there is a ton of fresh new Circa's just in to choose from.

    "Cool Shoes. Get em quick" - Adam

    New Toy Machine, Baker, Almost Decks.

    New Thunder, Destructo, and Krux trucks. And there's some new wheels up on the new Wheel Wall.

    Go get your skate on!



    DC Nationals are coming up in just over a week. June 11 at the Casselman Lush Memorial Skatepark. You can register on www.dcnationals.com or in the shop.

    New WE bikinis in for your time at the beach this summer.

    Snow Team rider Cody Burchell broke his foot at the party last weekend. But now he's learning some new skills.

    Congratulations to the winners of the draw.

Kyle Campbell and Taylor Flynn are both taking home new completes. Pictures of the happy winners to come soon.

    Come down to the shop this week and challenge the crew to a game of Crazy Eights.



    Thanks to everyone who came out to the demo and party on the weekend. The boys from Edmonton had a great time and killed it skating.

Click the picture below to check out Street Riot's coverage of the trip.

    Watch for more photos and some video coming soon.

    If you wanna pick up all the fresh gear that those guys were riding theres brand new Model and Whyte gear in at the shop.

    Also new Zero and Mystery decks and wheels.

    Go get your skated on and GET POOFED!



       If you haven't already heard about the happenings this weekend then you'd better click HERE to check them out. Demo and Party are both going to be out of hand.

        New Kazaam boards are now in so go and support your local shop.

        Also in:





                       Toy Machine

    Lots of new DC clothing and shoes.

    Megadestroyer Rules

    Limited edition Circa "Its Time" footwear and clothing.

See you this weekend!



        2 items of Big News this week.

#1 - New Kazaam tees and hoodies are in. Go ask to check them out and make sure you pick one up. Limited numbers of everything.


#2 - And the Really big news is a big Congrats to Team Rider Trevor Clarke.

Trevor is now on Flow with Krooked Skateboards and Spitfire Wheels.

Way to go Buddy!!


Also in this week:

Circa Shoes

Model Decks

Kayo Corp "Its Official"


Mystery Decks & T's

Zero Decks & T's

Fallen Shoes



        We have ordered new Kazaam Decks and T's. Check out the graphics and be sure to come grab one when they come in.

    A whole pile of new RDS clothing and a few tidbits like air fresheners and stickers just in.

    Brand new Sector 9 longboards are out on the shelves and look amazing. Buy yours before I  buy them all .

    Matix denim, t's and sandals.

     A few new Emerica shoes with more coming in right away.

    Mystery and Zero boards should be on the shelf by Monday. And some new Fallen shoes will be getting here next week.

    Clip for the week courtesy of Dero and the KOTR



    Some Technical Difficulties last week with the update. If the vids or pictures weren't working for you they are now so check them out.

    A ton of new skate stuff in yet again.





Black Label


Toy Machine







Grind King

    Sector 9 Longboards just arrived at the shop yesterday. Should be unpacked so go check out your new Hill Bombing board.

    DVS, Circa, and Emerica Shoes.

    Brand new Adidas. Theres some in the shop and a bunch more coming.

    See you Skating!



    Congradulations to everyone favorite shop owner. Perry won Most determined hiker and the 20 foot box session at the Office Boys contest last weekend. Represent Kazaam! click for video

    Dope new IS design New Era hats hit the shelves a couple days ago. Along with Lotsa new IS sunglasses to make you look like you belong at the beach.

    Artist Edition Lakai Footwear

    Lots of shoes in size 12,13,14 right now. If your usually unlucky in finding your size go check it out now because they're going quick.

    More New Model decks and Zero in.

    If you want a Bag Of Suck go get it now! SO good!

    Clip of the day!



    Skateboards Galore!!


DGK Krooked
Shorty's Girl
 Popwar Black Label

   Pig & Enjoi Completes

    Tons of Trucks and Wheels in!

    Model Decks & Tees!

    New Sandals and Flip-Flops for those Summer Beach Bums.

    Grad is coming up and watches are always a good Grad present. Come down and check out our huge selection of Nixon watches!

    All Snowboard Gear is now 20% off. Get on it early to get your gear all set for next season!

   Sale Item Of The Week!



     New Indy, DC tees, and a bunch of Freshjive clothing in.

    Check out the new $20 bin down at the shop. Tons of hats, wallets, and other random gear.

    Zero is having a sponsor me contest. Check out the poster HERE then get out there and get your skate on. Good luck.

    Colin and Matt both competed in the Old Skool contest at Vista Ridge last weekend and Matt took 1st and Colin 3rd. They rode amazing despite sticky snow conditions.

   Pierce, Cody, and Dero were down at the Volcom Peanut Butter & Rail Jam last weekend and doing well. Dero made the finals and Pierce took 4th in his category and was invited to go compete in the Finals at Mammoth in May.

    Erin's birthday was last weekend so if your in the shop say Happy Birthday and maybe buy her a sticker.



    After a few days of technical difficulties we finally have this update all ready.

      Cody's team profile is totally finished. Go check out his interview and video.

       And we have a huge photo set from the Arctic Winter Games in Alaska.

CLICK HERE to check it out.

       A bunch of new DC arrived at the shop just today. Head down and say hello to Trev and his mustache to find out what else is new.



    I know its been a while since the last update and thanks for waiting patiently.

    The team was away in Alaska this week representing Alberta at the Arctic Winter Games. Everyone rode super well. You can check out www.awg2006.org for standings. Also check back in a few days for an article and photos on the site.

    And a whole bunch of new stuff came into the shop while we were gone so I'm going to do it list style.

    Dakine     -backpacks




    Indy    -Hoodies


    Lifetime Softgoods

    WESC dress-shirts and hoods

    And come get your skate on with new Mystery,Zero, Darkstar, Flip, and Almost boards on the back wall.




    Its a good week for footwear lovers. Fallen came in late last week and there's a couple orders of DC and ES coming in this week. Go say Hi to hard working Adam and he'll point out whats new.

    Had another Rail Jam out at the hill with the boys representing well. Colin took best trick and the other boys were having lots of fun on the new rail. If you haven't been to the hill in a couple weeks go check out this and watch for a couple more new jibs coming soon.

    All of the boys leave tommorow night to head out to Alaska for the Arctic Winter Games. You can check out their website this week to see how they're doing and we'll have a report when they get back.

    No sale item of the week this week. Instead you can just check out what Real Hesh is.



    A little bit of contest news to start off today. Congrats to Matt on his win in the Rail Jam at Vista Ridge on Sunday and to Cody getting 7th at the COP slopestyle out of a tough group or riders. Come out to Vista Ridge for another Rail Jam this weekend and see a few of the boys Shredding!

    Some sad news for the skateboarding world. Long time skater for Zoo York Harold Hunter has died. He was a pleasure to watch skate and will be greatly missed by the skateboarding community.

    Rob needs your help! Check out these photos and e-mail us at kzainfo@kazaam.ca and let Rob know whether you think he should buy the jacket or not.

    Perry has finally made the big-time and gotten the recognition he deserves. Check out his billboard downtown on Franklin.

    Sale Item of the Week



Some great stuff going on with our team this week. The entire snow team was down in Calgary training with the Arctic Winter Games team. While down there they met up with Cody and his Coach Mike Stastook.

Everyone was killing it and learning a ton of new tricks. So watch on here for some new photos to pop up on their team pages.


We just got an e-mail from Kelly at Ultimate about the 411 contest going on.


    Not sure if you have all checked out the 411vs contest but our good friend and fellow Canadian Chris Haslam is in the semi final against Chad TimTim.

Please go on line and sign up and vote for Chris to advance to the next round. The website is http://www.411vm.com then click on the 411VS Round 3 link.

Pass this on to as many people as you can please.

Thanks Kelly


New Circa Mens Denim and T's came in a few days ago and fresh on the shelves today is a bunch of RDS mens apparel. And make sure you check out the sale rack. There's a bunch of RDS womens clothing from last summer at 30% off. Go pick up some gear for your girl so she looks HOT come spring.




Welcome to the new KZA online!

We are super excited to have the new site up and running and to keep it updated so that you can know whats going on at the shop.

A few weeks ago Vista Ridge held the tryouts for the 2006 Arctic Winter Games. Kazaam was well represented there and our team took every boys spot on the team. So in March Colin, Cody, Pierce, and Matt are all heading to Alaska to compete. We're super proud and stoked to see how they do.

Lots going on in the shop right now too.

New Circa and DC shoes have recently come in and many more shoes are on their way.

Lots of brand new Ladies RDS apparel in. So if you fellas are looking for a valentines present head down and check that out.

And be sure to check out the sales going on right now. Last pair shoes are 20% and a bunch of stuff is on the 50% rack right now.

So head down and say Hi to the crew and see if you can pick yourself up some new gear.